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project eci

Empowers non-profits by providing them with all the resources and tools they need to grow, remain sustainable, and impactful.

Resources, Training
and Webinars

  • Non-profit Philosophy: Canadian, USA and African

  • Identifying Key Community Needs – learn to grow mission-focused programs that generate awareness, impact, capacity, and community support.

  • Support for Beginner Non-profits – registration, board, and volunteer development

  • Program Design - gain the knowledge and tools needed to design your programs and projects and implement strategies to grow mission-focused programs

  • Strategic Planning

  • Fundraising

  • Media Literacy

  • Technology That Makes a Difference

  • Business Models

  • Development modelling

  • Training Essentials

  • Mentorship Design

  • Nurturing visibility

  • Investment portfolios

  • Crisis management

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