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partnerships & collaborations

culture of awareness
and knowledge

Affinity Groups

ADNN work with groups of nonprofits who share a common vision to create unique opportunities for partnerships, providing an efficient vehicle to pool skills, experience, knowledge, and contributions to launch and implement impactful initiatives effectively.

Collective Philanthropy

ADNN collective philanthropy is a data base of African Diaspora private foundations and philanthropists who work collaboratively to recommend grants that reflect their agreed-upon goals to match requests of affinity groups.

Impact Investing Resources

Does your nonprofit have impacting investing resources and assets? Find Out. Become a featured illustrative case study to springboard other organizations. 

Impact Labs

Impact Labs, located on university campuses, are run by African Diaspora Students. The Impact Labs are one way of sustaining commitment and interest from African Diaspora youth in the nonprofit sector to provide cutting-edge solutions and strategies for the nonprofit sector to serve the African Diaspora community better. They collaborate on meaningful community innovations for effective impact. ADNN also makes recommendations to other youth awarding bodies on their behalf.

Internship placement

ADNN works with other nonprofits and professional networks for internship placement of African Diaspora Youth.

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